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Getting to know your meds has never been easier.


Take your first healthy step with SpeakaPack©, and get more insights about your meds.


Get Reminders of your meds to ease your health care journey.

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Having difficulty in reading or knowing more about medicine?

Scan or upload a photo of your meds through SpeakaPack© Mobile Application to get more insights about it. Our scanner would be able to extract information about the medicines through our OCR Model.


Schedule your meds to ease your health care journey

Get a reminder of your routine medications to enrich your health.  Also,  add details of your doctors and easily schedule your appointments with them.


Interact and have a dialogue with our smart chatbot

Raise your concerns regarding your scanned medicines to know about their side effects, precautions, dosages, or the posology of the same. Our Text-To-Speech engine makes it, even more, easier for you to gain knowledge.

Explore & Know more about Medicines

SpeakaPack© is available on both Appstore and Google store.

Download SpeakaPack© over on your smartphone.

Scan your meds to gain insights and schedule reminders.

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